Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Christmas

Tatum,Emmy,Rhiannon and Scarlett

Rhiannon and Scarlett

Rhiannon and Scarlett on their dads old rocky horse.

Christmas 2006

I reposted my tree to show my rabbit, she is the gift keeper LOL. Sherry made the rabbit for my birthday I LOVE her!!!


This little stool is made from using coffee cans so easy and Rhiannon loves it.She can sit at the table using the stool in a chair or just the right height for the coffee table.I am no a seamtress so don't look too close but so far it has held up under stress LOL

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Tree 2006

The tree sits in the entrance..

# 5 Teapot

Yippee, I'm finished!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two Down and Three to Go!!!!

We are doing a teapot swap on FDA I choose the bodies I have two finshed see below..

Teapot Bodies

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hi everyone , not many good pic's to show,just a couple of the little ones.We had a great day! I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well.What was Mema doing to that baby LOL!!

Thanksgiving pic's

Friday, November 10, 2006

New Pattern in the works...

I have a new pattern in the works Angel of Stress she is a little ornament appx 9" can't find my tape measure:)Her skirt is full of silver kisses so of course she is the protector of Chocolate.. she is holding tiny silver bells..very easy pattern her face is paper clay simple instructions included in the pattern, no face mold needed her hair is appoxie sculpt because apoxie sculpt is stronger then paper clay..I am not sure when I will finish the pattern as I am not as fast as Sherry..LOL hopely before Thanksgiving.
I got the offical word my Gypsy doll will travel to ADQ for a photo shoot with Pamela and the winning dolls. She also sold so will be shipped directly to her new owner once she is finished.I enjoyed this challenge and will try again next year..

Angel Of Stress/Protector Of Chocolate

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dance Gypsy Dance

Here she is not a winner at the show but one of my favorite I have created and so much fun to embellish...

Friday, November 03, 2006


Hey everyone, I'm home but moving slow.
We had a wonderul time I love SF everything at your finger touch my kinda town,I knew there was more to life then Iowa haha.Scotti's place is beautiful and the perfect location, right downtown..
We had brunch on my birthday at the wharf OMG the food was just too wonderful.We had clam chowder,then boil crab then not sure what I had but a combo of all the seafood in a red sauce mmm I really miss good seafood.
No pic's Al put the camera in the luggage instead of the carry on, someone stole my batteries, but left theirs tossed in the luggage broke the end off where the batteries go so now I am out scouting for a new camera maybe I can save the pic's from my memeory card.( but will have to wait for someone smarter then me to down load from the card)
I cannot live without my camera..I discovered this Holloween night when I got the camera out to take pic of the girls..I thought it was on the camera dock charging LOL!!!Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 23, 2006

One more pic!

I had to add Scotti, he had laser surgery on his eyes about about a month ago yippee!! no more glasses

Hey everyone..

Good Morning I'm going to try catch up.
Our company (cousins) Bobbi and John from The Dalles, OR. have come and gone we had a wonderful visit and my mother had a great birthday .A couple of pic below. Rhiannon enjoys everyone's birthday a couple of pic's from hers too.
My birthday is Sunday, Bobbi brought me a early gift a plateau with a schnapps set she also included peach schnapps mmm good.I was thrilled.
Also included is a pic of me and Wee sipping our ? we turn the can so mum and Da would not know haha I usually don't show my face but loved this pic of Wee.I really am cuter hahahaha
Al and I are off to SF CA. for 5 days leaving on Thur. Visiting Scotti (to us) John to all others.This will be my first for shopping in the downtown area, look out "Starbucks" here I come.See y'all when we return..I will try to remember pic's.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Corn Husk Doll

I think she must have been Pat's favorite but in the magazine her face looks faded and a little nick out of her cheek maybe damage from mailing anyway hope you all like them..

Kinda Backward

Not sure what happen to these two they should have been with the other one haha I think I posted them all on one download..

Ornament Dolls for Doll Crafter

I got my copies today so I guess that means they have been published.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Night Roaming Club

Well I am up roaming the house at 4:42 it must be an age thing .When I was young I could never seem to get enough sleep. I think we should form an " "All Night Roaming" club, for those of us with too many thoughts at wee hours of the night roflol!!! Maybe we could compare notes, make a doll or just chat ..I had a little snack "mayonise and crackers" ( ever tried that snack) haha and a glass of milk hoping this will help but no I will be so sleepy about 2 in the afternoon.
I am preparing for my cousins coming in for my mothers 90th. birthday.So got plenty to get finished by Sunday.Of course I have to clean at least the bathrooms, haven't done much since Linda's visit.
We are starting to winterize around here, forecast for Wed night 31 degrees oh my all flowers need to be in by then. I have bunches of house plants and have been bringing them in all week. Some outside bulbs have to be dug and stored for the winter, this is a real pain expecially when the plant still looks so good.We ordered two cords of wood so that will keep us for almost all the winter months.I am just wondering what happen to Fall.
I finished my ornament dolls, Pat said everything has gone to print so anxious to see what y'all think.Sherry said they will come out in the next issue..I hope some of you enjoy making a few for the holidays.
Also gone is my Gypsy challenge I am always anxious to see how it is displayed lol she is suppose to stand with her hands on her hips as she is pulling her skirts up, head back as tho she is dancing but who knows roflol!!! her name is Dance Gypsy Dance.I just hope she is returned in good shape. I like her, not many of my dolls I like but I put a lot of beading in this one.
I wrote this last night , no nap and here I sit... pic's to follow..gotta send something to look at after all this boring news.I will put up birthday photos next week .I am trying to keep this blog going but sometimes not much to say.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh My look at Matt!!

Bargins... rug and retro table and chairs

Scarlett's first cereal

Rhi's' birthday gift

Scotti, bought Rhi a battery operated Jeep she loves it but Scarlet said I can drive that Jeep

Pic's of the girls and my bargins

As Cute ase She can get

Well I didn't spend much time on this little chunker but Sherry will love her she thinks all dolls are cute but just not my style haha I love strange ,odd, dolls not goth did I spell that right??? haha this thing will not let me do spell check.. Thank you all for the comments I love hearing from y'all and Kai you can write me any ole time you are a sweetie I am just terrible with e-mails.
I bought the girls a little Retro table and chairs for 15.00 and a lovely rug for 10.00 the original price was 450.00.. pic's to follow.Don't you just love a bargin?? Also Rhi had he 2nd. birthday a few pic of her and Scarlet. Scarlet had her first rice cereal.
Sherry is back but in GA with Matt, They will be home Tue.
I am feeling much better my son said there is no cure for hypocondrisam well this is a mess for sure but I am sure you get the word I am trying to use haha.. He is a mess.
Mary O pic of the house up date y'all hugs

Little Chunker

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well she is so ugly she is cute but I found her today at the antique store in town for 6.50, just couldn't leave her there.She is about 6" bisque hands and feet too.I am adding a little costume now.I will post again when I finish.I am way behind on my blogging..I check everyones blog often but not much going on there either Judi and Kai are the only busy ones I see haha

Little Bisque Doll

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Picture of my keyboard table

well that didn't turn out right the message was suppose to be first oh well learning experience..see new message below.

Here I am again:)

Oh how exciting to come to my blog and see so many of my friends sending messages almost like chatting or coming home:)Thank you for leaving a message.
I didn't get to the blog yesterday the kids come over (Tatum and family)we had a great visit , I am so in love with those babies it is unreal.We love to have them over or any company so anyone want to visit:)I forgot pictures again, dang it.We loved having Linda and David.
Mary O. I don't really have much to say either but just daily life.Maybe all I will have to do is print this out for a Christmas letter roflol!!! that I have never done but who knows LOL
I went to our only dept. store Yonkers today looking around at the makeup (Clinque)the lady set me down and went to work I felt drab and I must have looked that way. I call it washed out LOL...I have never had someone so nice and helpful she seem to really injoy her job.( Judi she was in the army 4 yrs ago,she made me think of you very pretty and together) When she finished I was amazed what she did for so little I told her I wanted real natural colors.No base makeup, she had this big brush and bronzed away.I bought everything she used encluding all the brushes. Oh and this little tube of cream you dab above your upper lip removes wrinkles.. yea right hahahaha but she was just good at this stuff. Al was amused but really like what she did.This all is very unlike me but it was a good pick me up.
I have been kinda down lately I'm having BP problems that they keep saying will take a while for this new med to work.I put it down as another age thingie.Oh my I am not the sickie type and do not like medications.
I come home and cleaned up all my flower beds I always do gardening when I am dwelling on something keeps my mind busy.
We have a full bath upstairs can't wait to take very own tub NO SHOWER woohoo..
I was called to jury duty for the month of August what a bummer, so we have postponed our little get away to Eureka Springs AR. until Oct.I love that town and can't wait. I am hoping they have a few craft shows going I think Oct. is a good month for such..
Thank y'all for your nice comments I can't wait to show my Gypsy doll and was going to put her up but Sherry said I couldn't:( You know when you make something or I do I just want to show everyone not digging for compliments I just get so excited ....
I do have a pic to put up this little table is built into my cabinet in my sewing room for my keyboard,it was so ugly I decided to cover it it buttons, now all I need is to paint the edges and put a two part apoxie, I want the finsh to be thick and clear.This idea comes from HGTV I love that show!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Catching up!!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments on my blog.
I think I will just write something on this blog daily,I am not on many list anymore so this gives me an out.
I had a wonderful visit from auntie Linda and David but just way too short I had so many things planned but will have to make up for it on a later date. It was just the perfect visit. One thing for sure we was not short for words and I got lots of hugs. The only thing I regret I took NO pictures well duh!! I was just so excited it never cross my mind.
I put up 5 bags of sweet corn today and kept out some for dinner tonight. This is just the beginning I hope to have the freezer full soon.If you have never had Iowa sweet corn you are really missing out. I wish I could send y'all some.

I am busy also doing an article and the how to for my pin/ornament dolls for the magazine DollCrafter. This article will come out in Dec.
I have also finished my doll for the Gypsy Challenge I call her Dance Gypsy Dance, I am pleased with the way she turned out. I love the beautiful fabrics and wonderful embellishments I got to work with.It was a lot of fun and I do love the challenge.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few of my latest creation

Seafairy she has an unusual tail, this could be a class..LOL.

Raggedy Doll

My latest Raggedy doll Jilly Bean, her apron reads "Grow Where You Are Planted".Her face is embroidered..

The Dreamer

Goddess Of Faith

This is Maida she was inspired from a painting my son had painted on canvas in Thailand.She sits in my living room I love strange dolls,she is my all time favorite and about the only thing I have made for myself.Of course if the price is right she could go roflol!!