Saturday, September 02, 2006

As Cute ase She can get

Well I didn't spend much time on this little chunker but Sherry will love her she thinks all dolls are cute but just not my style haha I love strange ,odd, dolls not goth did I spell that right??? haha this thing will not let me do spell check.. Thank you all for the comments I love hearing from y'all and Kai you can write me any ole time you are a sweetie I am just terrible with e-mails.
I bought the girls a little Retro table and chairs for 15.00 and a lovely rug for 10.00 the original price was 450.00.. pic's to follow.Don't you just love a bargin?? Also Rhi had he 2nd. birthday a few pic of her and Scarlet. Scarlet had her first rice cereal.
Sherry is back but in GA with Matt, They will be home Tue.
I am feeling much better my son said there is no cure for hypocondrisam well this is a mess for sure but I am sure you get the word I am trying to use haha.. He is a mess.
Mary O pic of the house up date y'all hugs

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Kai said...

She's GREAT! Where do you go to find all this good stuff? I need to get up there & go shopping with YOU!