Thursday, August 10, 2006

Catching up!!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments on my blog.
I think I will just write something on this blog daily,I am not on many list anymore so this gives me an out.
I had a wonderful visit from auntie Linda and David but just way too short I had so many things planned but will have to make up for it on a later date. It was just the perfect visit. One thing for sure we was not short for words and I got lots of hugs. The only thing I regret I took NO pictures well duh!! I was just so excited it never cross my mind.
I put up 5 bags of sweet corn today and kept out some for dinner tonight. This is just the beginning I hope to have the freezer full soon.If you have never had Iowa sweet corn you are really missing out. I wish I could send y'all some.

I am busy also doing an article and the how to for my pin/ornament dolls for the magazine DollCrafter. This article will come out in Dec.
I have also finished my doll for the Gypsy Challenge I call her Dance Gypsy Dance, I am pleased with the way she turned out. I love the beautiful fabrics and wonderful embellishments I got to work with.It was a lot of fun and I do love the challenge.


Judi said...

Oh you HAVE been busy! Can't wait to see all your new projects, although I know that I will have to wait (sigh).

Fran said...

Can't wait to see your gypsy challenge doll. Sure have missed you.
Love & Hugs

Kerry said...

Hey Jacque! We all miss you, it's good you have this blog so we can all keep up with what is new with you. Sure can't wait to see your gypsy doll, I never got around to making mine.

Kai said...

Hi, Jacque! I've enjoyed looking at all your beautiful dolls throughout the blog! Also your YARD! I'll keep my eyes focused for your upcoming projects - especially the gypsy doll! It's good to see you blogging! I MISSED you! And eat a bite of that corn for me, okay? My mouth is watering!

Linda said...

We (David and I) had a great visit with Jacque and Al. Your all sure made us feel welcome and right at home. Not only is Jacque a good Is Al.
Love your Blog..I look forward to the next entry.
Linda (sis) (auntie)

MaryO said...

Hi Jacque!! It's soooo good to hear what you are up to. How exciting to have an article coming out in Doll Crafter...I'll have to make sure my subscription is up to date! I guess you can't post your gypsy doll, but I'd love to see her, too!!! I hope you'll be better about posting to your blog than I am. I seem to be at a loss for something to say unless I have a new doll finished.
Love, MaryO

shashi said...

Wow Jacque that is wonderful news. You go girl. I am looking forward to seeing your Gypsy I know she is going to be lovely with all those sumptuous fabrics that you use.