Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oh My look at Matt!!


Fran said...

OH MY!! He's really grown up isn't he. I'm so proud of him. He looks great. I know y'all are proud of him.
Love & Hugs

Judi said...

What Fran says, LOL!

Kerry said...

My first thought was "Oh My!" too!!
Goodness he looks great!

Kai said...

He looks so handsome in his uniform! I feel EXTRA guilty now because I wrote to him but when he answered, I had such a heck of a time seeing his little bitty writing (I even used a MAGNIFYING glass, but STILL had trouble - remember, I have only one sighted eye) I never wrote back. I SHOULD write & just explain that I can't SEE squat! I think he'd understand! Anyway, he looks terrific!

MaryO said...

Hi Jacque! I tried to leave a comment here earlier today but it wouldn't work for me, so I hope they accept this one!
This is a fine looking young man, isn't he!!!!! Oh how quickly they grow up. I don't believe I would have recognized him now. You must be a very proud Grandma!
Love, MaryO