Monday, October 23, 2006

One more pic!

I had to add Scotti, he had laser surgery on his eyes about about a month ago yippee!! no more glasses

Hey everyone..

Good Morning I'm going to try catch up.
Our company (cousins) Bobbi and John from The Dalles, OR. have come and gone we had a wonderful visit and my mother had a great birthday .A couple of pic below. Rhiannon enjoys everyone's birthday a couple of pic's from hers too.
My birthday is Sunday, Bobbi brought me a early gift a plateau with a schnapps set she also included peach schnapps mmm good.I was thrilled.
Also included is a pic of me and Wee sipping our ? we turn the can so mum and Da would not know haha I usually don't show my face but loved this pic of Wee.I really am cuter hahahaha
Al and I are off to SF CA. for 5 days leaving on Thur. Visiting Scotti (to us) John to all others.This will be my first for shopping in the downtown area, look out "Starbucks" here I come.See y'all when we return..I will try to remember pic's.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Corn Husk Doll

I think she must have been Pat's favorite but in the magazine her face looks faded and a little nick out of her cheek maybe damage from mailing anyway hope you all like them..

Kinda Backward

Not sure what happen to these two they should have been with the other one haha I think I posted them all on one download..

Ornament Dolls for Doll Crafter

I got my copies today so I guess that means they have been published.