Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful View!!!

This is my cousins back yard in South Kona, comparison to my cold blistery scenes I have posted lately....
I could learn to wake up to such a beautiful site!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

San Fransico Bachata Dance Team

Here is the whole team!

Finished Tree!!

The girls Rhi and Scarlett finished decorating my tree..never have I let the little ones play with my ornaments but this year was an exception :} They redo every time they are here.
Scarlett likes to hold certain ones and Rhi seems not satisfied with the location of the ornaments so she redecorates!I think they did a great job overlooking a few spots that is overloaded LOL

Beautiful Ornaments!

Two of my dear friends sent me a surprise ornament..I just love them and wanted to share..
Mary O sent the egg shape and Karen Becker sent the little square.Thank you both!

Scotti with dance partner!

Scotti , is on a dance team in SF,CA here is a pic of him and his partner..dancing the Bachata!

Family Pizza!

The only pic that turned out taken when we had a family pizza dinner with my mother...Yes, we were all there.. This is a pic of grandsons Tatum, Matt and great grand Scarlett.
Rhi the other great was on the pic with my mother Maggie which I choose not to blog.. Maggie looked really sick on those pic's .I will take better pic's tomorrow at Maggie's Christmas party..

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

We finely finished decorating our Christmas tree, it has been up now for a couple of weeks, a few more items I saved out for the girls, Rhi and Scarlett to finish when they visit and the tree top, which needs some adjustments..Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

First Snow 2008

The first snow is always so pretty and soft..The tree top is taken from my sewing room..The other two are taken of the back yard..I love this little tree house.

Rhi's Thanksgiving Program!

Quilt Til You Wilt!

Sherry and I went to a quilting retreat back in Nov. three days of bliss.I never had so much fun, I think some of our doll retreats should try this.We stayed in cabins or the lodge if you like ( a little more expensive)
No teacher just bring you supplies and do what ever you like, some stayed up all night.Some of the ladies made thier Christmas gifts..All meals were furnished, so we didn't have to leave the building except to sleep..
I finished a quilt ,first ever and I don't even know how to use a machine, or did not until this retreat..Here are a few pic's!

Quilting fun!

Finished quilt top!