Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few of my latest creation

Seafairy she has an unusual tail, this could be a class..LOL.

Raggedy Doll

My latest Raggedy doll Jilly Bean, her apron reads "Grow Where You Are Planted".Her face is embroidered..

The Dreamer

Goddess Of Faith

This is Maida she was inspired from a painting my son had painted on canvas in Thailand.She sits in my living room I love strange dolls,she is my all time favorite and about the only thing I have made for myself.Of course if the price is right she could go roflol!!

This little fellow has more embellishments then shown.

A few of my latest creations

This is my one and only gourd doll.Only the skirt and wings are gourd and of course her back wings have more embellishment but too lazy to take another pic LOL I now have a dremal set so ready to make a few more this winter.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Here is a few pic of my back yard. Oh and don't forget to look at our new roof. LOL I will work on the front in the Fall we had a new driveway and parts of the sidewalk repaced so did not get to do much in the front that is if I can find the matching landscaping stones Iowa folds the garden shops up fast. the cactus I purchased at Walmart 8 years ago it has grown from 3" to 4'

Little Wee

I can't leave out Wee,she loves Dora so Nana bought her the swim suit, chair, plate,bowl, fork/spoon,book,etc etc haha They all spent the night last night so they would not have to get up so early to bring Scarlett.

A visit from little Socket

I will start this off with the most recient ..I am baby sitting little Socket today while Emmy and Tatum take little Wee to the zoo in Omaha ( Em's family also went), a four hour trip one way.So far so good.. This is our day so far I hope it continues this well.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting started

First paperdoll for a swap and first post at blogging...