Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Night Roaming Club

Well I am up roaming the house at 4:42 it must be an age thing .When I was young I could never seem to get enough sleep. I think we should form an " "All Night Roaming" club, for those of us with too many thoughts at wee hours of the night roflol!!! Maybe we could compare notes, make a doll or just chat ..I had a little snack "mayonise and crackers" ( ever tried that snack) haha and a glass of milk hoping this will help but no I will be so sleepy about 2 in the afternoon.
I am preparing for my cousins coming in for my mothers 90th. birthday.So got plenty to get finished by Sunday.Of course I have to clean at least the bathrooms, haven't done much since Linda's visit.
We are starting to winterize around here, forecast for Wed night 31 degrees oh my all flowers need to be in by then. I have bunches of house plants and have been bringing them in all week. Some outside bulbs have to be dug and stored for the winter, this is a real pain expecially when the plant still looks so good.We ordered two cords of wood so that will keep us for almost all the winter months.I am just wondering what happen to Fall.
I finished my ornament dolls, Pat said everything has gone to print so anxious to see what y'all think.Sherry said they will come out in the next issue..I hope some of you enjoy making a few for the holidays.
Also gone is my Gypsy challenge I am always anxious to see how it is displayed lol she is suppose to stand with her hands on her hips as she is pulling her skirts up, head back as tho she is dancing but who knows roflol!!! her name is Dance Gypsy Dance.I just hope she is returned in good shape. I like her, not many of my dolls I like but I put a lot of beading in this one.
I wrote this last night , no nap and here I sit... pic's to follow..gotta send something to look at after all this boring news.I will put up birthday photos next week .I am trying to keep this blog going but sometimes not much to say.


Judi said...

Don't worry about posting frequently - just post when you have something to say! Can't wait to see photos of your dolls. I go through those insomnia periods too - luckily I'm not in one now. Our fall will be OVER in a couple of weeks - I barely have any leaves left on the trees - and to think it just started according to the calendar!

Linda said...

Sleep, sleep? What is that? I have no trouble taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon. But real, sleep at that would be great. Miracle whip on crackers. Ymmmy!

MaryO said...

You have more company in the middle of the night than you know, Jacque! I don't get up, but I spend lots of time tossing and turning and trying to shut down my mind!
Can't wait to see your ornaments! Maybe they will motivate me to get busy on Christmas things, too! I always love your creations!
Hope the birthday party went well today!
Love, MaryO

Kai said...

Count me in on the club. I'm ALWAYS up. My 'sleep' time is a one - or if I'm lucky, TWO - hour nap in my wheelchair (I can't sleep lying down - it hurts) about 5 in the morning. I'm going to be looking for photos of all the pretties! HURRY! I want to seeeeeee!

Fran said...

Hehehehe! You know I'm awake all hours even if I'm not on the computer. I wake up thinking. My mind never shuts down. :-) I know I'm not alone. :-) I don't take naps during the day either.
OOOOOOOOOO! it's going to be cold there at 31 degrees it could snow. BRRRRRRRRR!!!
OH! yeah! I've eaten Mayo & Crackers YUM YUM!! Mayo & Bread is GOOD too.
Happy Birthday To MOM!! Ken and I still use her coasters all the time. They are on my antique table beside the couch. We love them. Have fun with your cousins.
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

I could also join the club, I don't know what sleeping all night is anymore between the hot flashes and my mind twirling in a thousand directions, LOL!!
I'm almost always up by 4:30 although on the weekends I may linger in bed till 5:30 or so. Can't wait to see the gypsy doll!

Kai said...

Kai wants photos!!!!! LOL! See? I'm checking your blog!

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

Cannot wait to see your ornaments Jacque! I hope all is well with you~ Have really missed you!
WOW did not realize you mom was turning 90! That is wonderful and I hope she enjoyed her birthday. My mom is still hanging in there!

Love ya,