Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well she is so ugly she is cute but I found her today at the antique store in town for 6.50, just couldn't leave her there.She is about 6" bisque hands and feet too.I am adding a little costume now.I will post again when I finish.I am way behind on my blogging..I check everyones blog often but not much going on there either Judi and Kai are the only busy ones I see haha


Judi said...

She may be so ugly that she's cute but when you get done with her costume she will be gorgeous!

Kai said...

She's not ugly!!!! I LIKE her! And lil' friend, I check your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'd already decided if you hadn't posted by today you were going to get one of my long-winded emails! LOL! (Whew! Did you ever miss THAT bullet!) I'll be checking to see this new cutie costumed! MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

MaryO said...

Hi, Jacque!
Oh she's sooooo cute! I used to get little celluloid dolls about that size or smaller and I adored them! You and Judi find the neatest things at antique shops and yard sales!
(Thank you for the birthday card, I haven't stopped a minute since then or I would have gotten back to you sooner!)
Love, MaryO