Friday, January 25, 2008

Snow Pic's

I don't have much to post about , I have been working on a new pin cushion her name will be Cassie, she needs a bit more added then I will post pic's and start writing the pattern.ugh!! LOL you know how I feel about that.
So I took a few pic of our snow..these are all taken through the windows and since these pic's was taken more snow so where you see the walks cleared they need to be cleared once more..


MaryO said...

Looks like you've had quite a bit of snow, Jacque. It's lovely but I'm glad we don't have any right now because Roy can't shovel it or even use his snow blower for a couple more weeks or more. You're ahead of me, I haven't been doing anything artsy except for the Mandala that Sherry recommended. Maybe it will motivate me,,,I hope.

Linda said...

I just have one thing to say..Brrrrrr