Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Charms are here!!

I received my charms acouple a days ago..each one is so unique and wonderful!! thank you everyone for your talent..and joining this swap..Sherry G, Linda P. (note the little purse Linda's was in)Patti Page, Judi W., Kathie Butler, Helen Grossman, Jan D., Cherie Day and Judi A..I am missing a name and if someone can please tell me who made the little snail shell?? Thank you Judi W.for hosting this fantastic swap..Aha it is Kerry and Sue I was missing, thank y'all so much beautiful work!!


Judi Wellnitz said...

Fun, aren't they! I just love those little purses - each one was different cardstock. The snail was made by someone 'down the road' from you :) I do believe she is related.

Linda said...

Thank you too. Wasn't this a fun swap. Love all the charms..all so unique.

Linda Fleming said...

What a great collection of charms!