Friday, September 28, 2007

Harvest Scenes in Iowa

We went for a drive this evening .I took my camera to take a few scenes of the harvest.I love this time of year..These pic are taken very near where we live .We live 5 blocks from the HWY and this is just across..The first pic is my shopping mall right downtown roflol!! The crops are all corn and soy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look what I found!

I found a stem of cotton..
This really was a surprise find and I love it..this bought back my very southern up bringing .Yes, I did pick cotton ,well maybe just a small flour sack full back in those days most were picking 100 lb bags.I put the stem in a vase on my side table in the dinning room .Sometimes small things in life just thrill me if I could just remember to stop and smell the roses..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beautiful Card from Sherry!

Sherry gave me this card today.. This is Scarlett, isn't this card just the greatest..
She sent the pic to Scotti he remove the back ground.. Scarlett had her hand on Tatum's leg.
Then Sherry added a new back ground, wings, crown, and flower!! This is the most awesome card!! And what she wrote inside is even more touching..
" Thinking of you today...Just to let you know that I love you and I am glad you are my Mom! Have a wonderful day!" love sherry.. PS Bear this is the little dress you made Scarlett!


Sherry was over , digging thru my cast off and said "hey what is this" I said "oh an ole witch I made last year but didn't like how she turn out".She said "can I have her" I said "sure"..She sent this picture back and said put her on you blog, so here she is! roflol!!

Fall in Iowa

I thought everything looked kind of bleak with all the flowers moved so I decorated my front porch..

Home again!

When we returned from our trip it was time to take all the flowers inside, living in Iowa you start early , cleaned up the flower beds, mowed ( hopeful the last time for the season) and winterized..
Soon we will put up our Christmas lights, that's right you trim early or just might not get any by the end of Oct we will be finished..
Look how my cactus grew in one season about 8" and look at my poor bare deck..
We returned the wood rack to the carport ,now time to order wood and prepare for the cold snowy winter..

Trip to Phoenix

I am so behind on my blog ..I will start with our trip to Phoenix,AZ..Al's son Danny has bone cancer... Danny's spirits were really up considering all he is going through chemo and radiation..Oh it was so good to see everyone again.
We really enjoyed our short trip and hope to go back in Oct.It was really good to see Al's sister,BIL, kids and grands.Everyone took pic but none turned out,is that strange or what so here are a few pic that were sent to me.The first pic is Cheryl and Danny, Al's daughter and son the second pic is Cheryl and her dh Jeff the last pic is the grans Dillon,Cassy and Brian..