Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Home again!

When we returned from our trip it was time to take all the flowers inside, living in Iowa you start early , cleaned up the flower beds, mowed ( hopeful the last time for the season) and winterized..
Soon we will put up our Christmas lights, that's right you trim early or just might not get any up..so by the end of Oct we will be finished..
Look how my cactus grew in one season about 8" and look at my poor bare deck..
We returned the wood rack to the carport ,now time to order wood and prepare for the cold snowy winter..


Linda Fleming said...

You are going to have to get a house with a higher ceiling soon! LOL!

I sure remember clearing our patio every fall when we lived in IL. and how sad and empty it looked.

Kai said...

I'm not amused. Cold, snowy winter. Ha! WHAT'S THAT????? WAAAAAH! (Pretty patio, tho'! LOL!)