Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trip to Phoenix

I am so behind on my blog ..I will start with our trip to Phoenix,AZ..Al's son Danny has bone cancer... Danny's spirits were really up considering all he is going through chemo and radiation..Oh it was so good to see everyone again.
We really enjoyed our short trip and hope to go back in Oct.It was really good to see Al's sister,BIL, kids and grands.Everyone took pic but none turned out,is that strange or what so here are a few pic that were sent to me.The first pic is Cheryl and Danny, Al's daughter and son the second pic is Cheryl and her dh Jeff the last pic is the grans Dillon,Cassy and Brian..


Linda Fleming said...

What? No picture of the scorpion? LOL!

Such a shame about Al's son. That chemo and radiation is grueling- not a fun way to spend one's summer.

Jacque Uetz said...

Well if it was a scorpion I would not have liked it but not been so frightened as an 8" tarantula OMG and that was the couch I was sitting on..roflol

Kai said...

I'm so sorry about Danny. I hope he goes into remission quickly & becomes cancer-free soon! Very nice-looking family!