Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pinelope Pattern 4 1/2"

This pattern will be ready by next week and can be ordered from www.dollmakerjourney.com or www.clothdollpatterns.com
The face is Sherry Goshons Freedom press mold..Thank you..


colleenbabcock said...

I love all three of your neew patterns, each one so different but so full of personality. I am definately going to link to you on my blog and check back regularly. thanks for sharing!

Bear said...

oh Jacque
this is such a pretty pin cushion I think I am in love with a snail I definately wouldnt be feeding this one defender snail killer. Shes such a pretty snail and the colourful and pretty fabrics have won me gorjas dear one gorjas
lotssa of love n big hugs bearxoxoxoxoxo

Linda Fleming said...

You are definitely on a roll! This snail pin cushion is the most darling thing!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Jaque, what a darling pincushion. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, there is no keeping up with you!! I still haven't signed up for the class and your tempting me still with more gorgeous goodies!!

Linda said...

Who knew a snail could be pretty. Your are amazing. but I came here to see dishes????

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

Jacque you are on a roll. These ew one is just too cute. I love this one.

Stella said...

Hi Jacque,
The little pin cushion is gorgeous. Very unusual.