Friday, June 29, 2007

My New Find!!

Look what I found today!!!I collect these trays this makes number 6 but very hard to find..
I also found out today the story behind them. They were sold at funeral homes back in the 18th century Oh my!!eeek!!
The back of this one reads J.Anderson and Sons Furniture and undertaking Canton,So. Dakota..
They always have a wooden frame, brass handles and glass day I intend to do a entire wall with these trays..this one does look like a picture of an urn, others I have are painted roses or tapstery..If you have information you would like to share please do so!!Maybe I should clean these items before posting:)


MaryO said...

It's beautiful, Jacque! I didn't know you collected these trays. I have to admit I didn't know funeral homes used a particular kind of tray, but this one is lovely.

Linda Fleming said...

Another terrific find! You are on a roll this week. You need to go shopping tomorrow- just think what you might find! That tray is beautiful- I've never seen or heard of these before.

Kai said...

Uh - who were they SERVING at these funeral homes? Heehee! (Stop that, Kai! Behave yourself!) Really, this is lovely. Where are the OTHER ones? I want to seeeeee them!

Kerry said...

Beautiful tray, yep you should show us the rest of your collection!

Linda said...

I am glad to find out where the trays came from. I do believe they are very rare...very hard to find. I know because I have looked in at least 20 antique malls and have found Zero trays....but I will continue to look. big auction this weekend...maybe one will turn up.

Glittering threads on the wind said...

beautiful trays, love them.
The little Budda is a cutie, but DON'T wash him. Wipe him with a damp rag and them handle him a lot with your hands, the more the better. The oils in your hands with preserve him and keep him from drying out.
Love the two rooms too.