Friday, June 15, 2007

The Girl's New Pond!

We had a little pond but it was nothing but trouble the girls like to feed the fish but too many rocks and bumps we always had to hold them.
So we decided to fill the pond in and make their on little pond using stepping stones , a water plant and each one a little fish ,it is safe we can still hear the trickle of water and I am much more satisfied knowing it is safe for them to walk right up and feed.
The plants I planted are durable so if they step on them it doesn't matter!!
They will not care that they are tiny feeder fish LOL!!
It will be much nicer once all the new plants settle in and grow some..
I can't wait for them to see..oops I see the stepping stone are covered in mud!! Well I will fix that tomorrow..and we need one more plant between her legs to cover the wire and the two little fish..
Al is going to put a spotlight with photocell mmm on that spelling but it will come on at night and go off in the AM and bury all the wiring in PVC but for now it is done!!


Jean Bernard said...

ohhhhhhhhh I think the girls will LOVE the new pond! I know I would. what a peaceful setting. :)

Kai said...

Where's MY fishy? I want to come play in the pond, too! Really, it looks lovely, Jacque! Very tranquil and, as you said, little girl friendly! You did a great job!
Rhi & Scarlett will be happy campers!

Linda said...

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. Your thumb is soooo green. And you have such a wonderful eye for form and design. The grands are going to be thrilled. I can almost hear their giggles from here.

Kerry said...

Just beautiful I could almost hear the water trinkle, the girls will love this!

Zach said...

Beautiful! Can you come up and do my garden???? Pretty please????

Fran said...

I love your little pond. I showed it to Ken because he wants to do something like that in our yard. Thinking about a running creek with creek rock, plants, etc. I need crawldads too. :-)
Love & Hugs

Linda Fleming said...

Hey Jacque! Jump on a plane tonight, fly into Sarasota or Tampa and we will pick you up! do it- something impulsive and fun!