Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

My mother Maggie was 93 on Saturday,this is a pic of Rhi and Scarlett at her BD party..and by gosh she did blow those candles out :}


Linda Fleming said...

Aw, what sweet pic of the girls with you mother. Those girls are so darling. Maggie is just amazing, isn't she?

MaryO said...

She looks great for 93, doesn't she? I think it's so terrific that the girls enjoy her so much. Some little ones don't care much for older people. But she's always been good with them, I think.

Sprite said...

Happy Birthday Maggie! She does look pretty great! Love these photos, you can just feel the love, thanks for sharing!

Big hugs,

Karen Becker said...

Aw Jacque, what a nice pic! Glad Maggie enjoyed the party.

Fran said...

OH! MY! I was just thinking about your Mother this morning when I was having coffee and sitting it on one of her coasters. I love them. I have had them for several years now. Please tell her BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! from me.
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of the girls with Maggie! One to cherish for sure