Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guess What They Are Watching ??

Sponge Bob!!


Kerry said...

Sponge Bob!! They look entranced, I have seen that many times with my own kids and grandkids, how long do you have to talk to them before they hear you? LOL

MaryO said...

Sponge Bob came along long after my little ones had grown up and moved away. Aren't you lucky to get to watch cartoons! LOL!
These girls are so adorable. It's fun for me to watch them grow through the pictures you post!

Fran said...

Eveyone LOVES Sponge Bob!! My grandson Cain sits and watches Sponge Bob also. :-)

BRRRRRRRRRRR!! SNOW!!! but it sure does look beautiful.
Love & Hugs

Linda Fleming said...

Hey- whatever keeps them quiet and happy!

Sandy said...

Bwahahaha..I so recognize the hypnotic grandson loves them...they're so cute.