Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Scarlett.!!

Scarlett, turned 2 years old May 22nd.Happy Birthday Scarlett, we love you!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Play Day With Rhi and Scarlett!

Sherry and I have been taking turns keeping the girls while Em trains for her new job at one of the local banks.Yesterday was my turn..
I had to take a few pic to show Scarlett and one of PaPa's hanks tied to her head.It got unexpectied chilly in the afternoon, the girls said they were cold ( little girl in red is a neighbor) she said she would ask her mom if they had an extra hoodie for the girls but turned out she only had the hood that fit Rhi , so she offered the little tan jacket for Scarlett.. Wellll Scarlett had a little hissy fit wanting the hood part on her head...All I could find was one of Al's old hankies so I tied it around her head ole fashinon like, you would have thought I gave her the moon she was a happy girl and went around saying hat and pointing to her head I have never laughed so hard..Yesterday was Al birthday so when Em and Tatum come to pick up the girls they brought pizza, I had bought a small cake and let the girls help me decorate and clean the strawberries ..They were so excited we was having a birthday party for papa..we had a fun day but this ole ggrand was pooped roflol!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

House built in 1861

I guess I should have explained the curb appeal LOL! The front of my house has no curb appeal, so Al and I did the curb thing using landscape timber..( our most recent project) + new driveway/ sidewalk, new seamless gutters and new roof and plan to do something else to the front.
The back is really pretty with all the stone around the flower gardens and the big double deck with french door but the front is lacking.
I am from Texas and think we need a big ole front porch but this house sits too close to the 30 feet allowance to build the porch, maybe a pergola would be the answer..poor ole house has been here many many years and has been upgraded forever it is very sound and tight if you are upstairs you cannot hear any thing down and if you are down nothing can be heard up..not even walking which I like..very comfortable house , just not in Marshalltown.. and much too big for just the two of us.Are you sold yet roflol!!
Thank you everyone for your nice comments..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Really Does Come To Iowa!

The pic of the house shows our new curb appeal, watching too much HGTV..
Another pic of a tree in bloom, have no idea what kind ( not a fruit tree, has red berries in the Fall..and no one else around here does either..something about Texas I miss.I knew all my trees well.
Most of my flowers are on their way up, but cannot get the full effect..I have not placed any flowers on the deck or patio or put out hanging baskets just a little too cool..
I noted berries forming on my Bittersweet.. first time to have the beautiful orange berries this fall..this is the fourth year planted..I am excited..
My little bird has return to his tiny little house, he darts around so much it is hard to get his pic.this one he is stitting on top of the house..Sure wish I knew what kind , not much bigger then a Hummer..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Frida Kahlo 15"

This is my rendition of Frida Kahlo..Frida is my submission to teach at"Creations In Fiber" Albuquerque NM, May '09..Monkey's are not my business roflol!!