Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Really Does Come To Iowa!

The pic of the house shows our new curb appeal, watching too much HGTV..
Another pic of a tree in bloom, have no idea what kind ( not a fruit tree, has red berries in the Fall..and no one else around here does either..something about Texas I miss.I knew all my trees well.
Most of my flowers are on their way up, but cannot get the full effect..I have not placed any flowers on the deck or patio or put out hanging baskets just a little too cool..
I noted berries forming on my Bittersweet.. first time to have the beautiful orange berries this fall..this is the fourth year planted..I am excited..
My little bird has return to his tiny little house, he darts around so much it is hard to get his pic.this one he is stitting on top of the house..Sure wish I knew what kind , not much bigger then a Hummer..


Jevne said...

Hi, Jacque, I think your little bird is a house wren. See how his/her tail sticks up? Jevne

Fran said...

Your house and yard are BEAUTIFUL!! I miss all the pretty green grass, beautiful trees in bloom and wood houses.
Love & Hugs

S. Nicolas Originals said...

Gorgeous yard Jacque. We are still a little cold here. Things are just beginning to bloom a little.
I'm trying to catch up on what everyone is doing.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your garden looks beautiful Jacque. I wish mine were as pretty.I love to have lots of birds in our garden and this year has been great so far as we have been having lots of Finches, Robins, Blue Tits and Blackbirds visiting our garden and not to mention Wood Pigeons and Magpies. I don't like those two visiting as they rob the small birds nests.

Kerry said...

Your house sure does have curb appeal, very attractive! Your yard is beautiful and I know what you mean about the cool weather as we are having the same. Cute bird, don't know what it is though.

Yvette said...

Your house is adorable! and your yard is beautiful.
It's nice that spring has finally sprung for you and mr snowman has melted away! :o)

Linda Fleming said...

Gorgeous home and yard! I know you and Al have done so much work on it- I hope it sells quickly for you and you get moved this summer.

MaryO said...

I think Jevne is right about the bird. We put out a house for a little wren who has been nesting somewhere right outside our backdoor for several years. He/she didn't take up residence in it, but a pair of chickadees did!
I love your curb appeal! Your house and yard look just wonderful, as I knew it would!!!

Debb said...

I love your house and the big deck out back.If you still want the box of goodies then send me your address to( need to go feed my hummind birds.
love debb

Linda said...

Love what you did to the front. You and Al must still be in pretty good shape. That was a big job. And you know I love the back yard...glad to see you all are finally warming up