Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have been tagged by As I am not too good at these things I will take the easy one and just give the 7 random facts/habits about myself. So here goes :

1.Sherry taught me how to make dolls. Sherry, Scotti or my mother use to sew up all my dolls and the clothes until he left home and Sherry tired of me roflol!My mother hung on for a while. I made dolls to sell before I could sew..I still make them all by hand , this is just faster for me unless it is a large doll then I will use the machine.
2. I was a grandmother at 38 my oldest grandson just turned 27 eeeow
3.I have gained 40# since moving to Iowa
4.I like staying up late at night this is the most pleasurable time for me ..I am in the studio with TV and computer always working on something. I do my household and flower gardening things during the day.My weakness is decorating and flowers .I have more deco and gardening magazine then doll.
5. I love a very clean and in order house. I am getting better with letting things go but it use to drive me crazy if everything was not in its place. I ironed everything roflol!!I have always loved being a housewife and mother..then g,mother and now gg,mother.
6.I get up in the morning about 9:30, the first thing I do is turn on the coffee,call Al and then I sit for about two hours working a crossword in the newspaper..
7.I am very giving and a softy but feel that I come across too strong sometimes in my emails and worry that people don't like me.
The rules: Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself. People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog. Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blog ....


Kai said...
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Kai said...

Sorry! I deleted my other comment 'cause I realized it was waaaay too long! LOL! I just basically said that you and I are BOTH neat-freaks. I'm not quite as obsessive as I was when I was in my 20s, but still ... I'll settle for having an always immaculate kitchen & bathrooms. (Hate dusting - do it, but UGH!) I loved reading about you! Admire your ability to grow beautiful things! Mt thumb has ROOT ROT! LOL! No flowers come from my hands! And we ALL love you, Jacque Uetz, so don't MAKE me go up there and hug you till you believe me!

JudiA said...

I like you just fine Jacque. You just keep right on being you!


Linda said...

I didn't know you sew your dolls by hand! Wow- that would be a lot of work. And what a young grandma you were. I was in my early 40's and thought that was way too soon to be a granny-LOL!
Linda F from FL

Shashi Nayagam said...

Enjoyed reading about you Jacque. Knew most of it but there is always something new that we don't know and nice to read again.

S. Nicolas Originals said...

Enjoyed reading about you. Funny how many of us "artists" are alike in so may ways.