Friday, July 21, 2006

A visit from little Socket

I will start this off with the most recient ..I am baby sitting little Socket today while Emmy and Tatum take little Wee to the zoo in Omaha ( Em's family also went), a four hour trip one way.So far so good.. This is our day so far I hope it continues this well.


Judi said...

She is a little doll, isn't she! I hope she was good for you. One of these days I'll get a little one to babysit, LOL.

Jacque Uetz said...

Thank you Judi, she is so sweet and cuddly and I have enjoyed her this far I have a long way to go don't expect them back til late tonight.I usually don't baby sit this young but since g,ma is super busy I agreed to do it!

MaryO said...

My goodness, isn't she a darling! What a precious smile she has. You're a brave Nana to have her all day at this age. Hope she was this happy all day!
love, MaryO