Sunday, July 13, 2008

New House !!!

Here is the new house( it is a little split level) we bought and waiting anxiously to close.This is the before pic's it will look much different went I get my grubby little hands on it, can't wait.It also has a fenced in back yard, deck and large tree like the front..
We had the floor man come to measure for carpet,pergo (laminate) floors and tiles.The prices were great so good to go.Then we went looking for appliances, we want all stainless..I needed a fainting couch after hearing his quote..we are good to go now just waiting for that closing date..

New World!!

For everyone that does not know.We sold our house in Gladbrook, closing date was Friday July 11, it is sold and over...I am so very thankful, I can breath a little easier....Just as we got news we had a contract on our house, my mother fell and laid on her LR floor all night , she developed pneumonia and had to spend a few days in the hospital.I had to make a very hard decisions to place her in a NH..That meant her apt. had to be cleared out within a week of our place..then the Iowa floods come,so you see I have been very very busy, I do come up for air ever so often just to read others blogs to see how the outside world is functioning..By the way Maggie (mother) is doing well and adjusting OK we just need to find s place closer to our new home.I can visit often and life can continue..right now I feel like we are all on hold..strange feeling too..

OK, we have finally finished moving all our furniture into storage, rented a house in Marshalltown and waiting to close on the house we would be nice just to have a closing date.This is a picture of the rent house inside/outside as you can see we are really just camping out.I don't have enough energy left to clean the rent house and set up house keeping so we either eat out call for delivery, which I really like and feel so amazed that even the pharmacy delivers..we feel kind of like country bumpkins moved to the city.. or eat finger foods from paper plates..

Also just yesterday one of my favorite journalist passed away Tony heart and prayers go out to his family.What a wonderful kind person,we often wonder why the very good die young..